WHID 2009-1: Gaza conflict cyber war

Update (Jan 13th 2009) - Ynet, an Israeli paper, reports that many of the sites defaced where actually DNS hijacked following a break-in to the servers of DomainTheNet, an Israeli registrar. And just like other recent DNS hijacking incidents, the fault was lack of sufficient authentications and the hackers got hold of passwords to the administration system.

Update (Jan 10th 2009) - Zone-H reports that in addition to Israeli sites, Turkish hackers are also targetting USA and Nato web sites using SQL injection.

The war in Gaza, like most modern wars, moved immediately to cyberspace. Islamic and Arab groups all over the world are using the Internet to retaliate against Israeli web sites. Some of the reported incidents are:


Like every war, this one is not one sided. Interestingly enough, since this is a war between a country and a Guerrilla organization, and the cyber war which focus on mostly on conquering the minds of people is shaped similarly. The Israeli cyber war activity is mostly funneled through legal channels rather than hacking, as described by Wired.

However, unlike the physical war in which only the Israeli military is conducting, in cyberspace Israelis join by themselves the hacking war. Artuz 7, an Israeli media site, reports that a group of students released a tool that perform distributed denial of service attacks against Hamas web sites. The students site itself provides news alerts about the cyber war between Israel and the Hamas.

Editor's notes:
(1) As a policy, we decided to report each such conflict as a single incident, unless some hack is especiallly of interest.

(2) The author of this incident is Israeli.